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Even major scientific discoveries need some whimsy!

Jul 04 2012 Published by under [Physical Science]

So CERN announced early this morning that they have identified the Higgs Boson - the last missing particle of modern physics, which has remained only theoretical in the 50+ years since its description. The world has been anticipating this news for some time and the anticipation around the announcement was significant. The scientists presenting the data knew that they had to put their best foot forward and convince the community that they had done what so many wanted to accomplish.

What do YOU do when the pressure is on? That's right, break out motherfuckin Comic Sans!

BOOM! Now people know that you not only solved one of the critical questions in physics, but you have a playful side too. You don't take the data too seriously, it's just confirmed at 5 sigma. Whatevs!

Maybe everyone else uses Comic Sans to announce the office beach party or the frat Luau, but not CERN. Oh no. They announce the Fuckin HIGGS with that shit.

If you need me I'll be changing all of my lectures and presentations to Comic Sans.

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