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Bio Jobs Wiki

Aug 20 2015 Published by under [Education&Careers]

As a follow on to the conversation from yesterday, I wanted to post the Bio jobs wiki here so that people could keep track of the progress of various searches. This wiki kept me semi-sane during my search.

It's just getting rolling for the year, so there aren't many comments yet, but it is a way to keep up to date on when short lists have been formed and when interviews are being scheduled. In years past people also included start-up numbers. Worth a bookmark if you're on the market.

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WTH hiring committees?

Aug 19 2015 Published by under [Education&Careers]

Interviewing people for tenure track positions is hard work. There's a lot of time spent weeding through applications, checking references (for the short list, dammit!) and coordinating visits. During the interviews it's even more work, with considerable time spent both with the candidates and discussing them after the fact. But no matter how exhausted the committee is by the process, this is criminal:

The list of on campus interviews is usually about 4 candidates. Presumably the committee ends up hiring one of those candidates, leaving three flapping in the wind. Three people, who made your list after an intense winnowing process and two day interviews.... and you never contact them again?

That's just not how you treat people. Generally. But in this specific case, the committee is doing an even greater disservice by putting a very bad taste in the mouth of someone who might end up being a colleague! If they were good enough for you search, chances are they have other interviews. If they get hired somewhere else, do you think they will have anything good to say about your dept/university or committee members, personally?

There is just NO REASON for hiring committees to be so cavalier with candidates and treat them like they are just another folder in the pile. It's dehumanizing and just further pushes the narrative of the cold elitist ivory tower. If you can't remember what it was like to go through the interview process as a postdoc and wait those excruciating weeks as they dragged on, sometimes into months, then you need to at least try to put yourself in those shoes.

Treat people like you would want to be treated in their situation. Don't be an asshole.

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