Asking the internet for parenting advice

Apr 14 2015 Published by under LifeTrajectories

"Hey, I would like to do this fairly routine Thing, but I've never done it with a small child. I plan on doing XXXXXX to make it easier for the child and myself. Anyone have any advice?"


1. OtherParent: "Yeah, I think that's totally reasonable."

2. ParentFriend: "We did something similar and it was fine. Have a good time!"

3. AcquaintancePerson: "I don't know, I don't think I would do that with my child."

4. ParentsRus: "Sounds reasonable."

5. HoverMom: "I wouldn't even consider doing that with little Joey! I couldn't live with myself if he somehow contracted Ebola while doing that!"

6. ThatFriend: "OMG, I read an article once about exactly what you're talking about and... [237 lines of inane rambling]... so clearly you are risking the kid's life."

7. HoverMom: "ThatFriend, can you share the link to that? Sounds important."

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