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May 09 2014 Published by under [Education&Careers]

If you take a look at the invite rates for DEB preproposals you'll notice that almost every panel has invites that fell into the DNI category. I realize that these regularly happen for a variety of reasons, such as portfolio balance and the vaunted "transformative" tag, but I'm curious about their outcome.

Has anyone ever had a DNI preproposal "picked-up"? If so, how did it do at the full stage? I wonder whether NSF tracks these particular beasts and has some idea of how they perform. Would be really interested to find out.

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  • David says:

    We had a DNI invited during the 2013 round. The panel voted not to invite but the program officers overrode the decision. Both the panel and the POs thought that the preproposal described work that had the potential to be transformative. There were several criticisms of the proposal made by the panel. However, the POs thought that they could be easily addressed in the full proposal, so they decided to move it into the invite column. We ended up getting funded. I don't know if this played a role or not but we had placed ourselves into the Small Grants category (<$150K).

  • This year we had a Do Not Invite Panel Recommendation that the Program Officer decided to invite. The same project preproposal submitted last year had the same thing happen, with the same program officer 'rescuing' it from the panel's do not invite recommendation. The full proposal last year received a ranking of 'medium priority' (within the top ~25% of invited full proposals).

  • proflikesubstance says:

    Did either of you get told WHY your proposal was rescued?

  • This year the main criticism from the panel was deemed "does not seem sufficient to preclude invitation". Last year, the program thought the criticisms could be addressed in a full proposal and that the proposal merited an invitation. Hopefully this will be the last year the proposal has to be rescued!

  • Josh King says:

    I suppose I can now say I've had the "opposite" experience. I had a low priority invite due to the panel being unable to reach a consensus (2 E/VG, 1 Fair, no consensus, low priority invite). The PO chose not to invite it and made lengthy, critical comments in explaining the decision. I'm not sure I can submit this preproposal again based upon this outcome. Really unfortunate as it clearly resonated with some.

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