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May 09 2014 Published by under [Et Al]

This week has not been a good one on the sleep front. Last night I finally had an opportunity to get some decent sleep and went to bed early. At 12:30am my youngest was screaming and I got out of bed and trudged up the stairs, trying to keep my swearing quiet enough not to wake my older daughter. I was not pleased.

I got into her room and groggily asked her what was wrong. "I missed you and needed a hug." was the response. My sleep patterns had thus been tossed into a blender for want of a midnight hug. So I picked her up and she clung to me and whispered "I love you daddy" and I stopped caring about my mental state the next morning and just held her. I put her back into bed, covered her and we said goodnight.

And then I lay awake for two hours, battling for some semblance of a decent night's sleep.

Evolution is a funny thing.

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  • dr24hours says:

    My mother would have sold me to the circus.

  • Mytchondra says:

    Mini woke me at 2 am and asked me if I wanted to have a snack with her. "Just a nibble" She had cereal. I had insomnia afterwards.

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