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Tis that time of year.... Both the IOS and DEB directorates of NSF are poised to notify people about their preproposals. If you get a denial letter, you're SOL until next January (unless you can submit a CAREER) and if you get invited to write a full proposal you best get started. Most of the notifications are going out this week or next, so many of my readers and their colleagues are going to be on edge for the next couple of days.

But, a word of caution: Don't jump the gun and conclude your fate too quickly. It's a process and not everything happens at once. There's going to be a roll out of notifications and just because your colleague heard it doesn't mean your proposal in in a crumpled heap on the floor at NSF.

Breathe. Let it play out.

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  • NatC says:


  • Michelle Elekonich says:

    Actually, a little later in IOS than DEB. As in previous years, in IOS all invitations will go out on 15 May, with declines out by the end of May.

  • martini says:

    DEB evolutionary processes has started notifying their invites. I haven't heard if they are sending out declines or not yet.

    The stats are:
    92 invited (18%)
    502 not-invited (82%)

  • proflikesubstance says:

    Thanks for that info.

  • hyphaltip says:

    For DEB - Systematics and Biodiversity I received these numbers in our review.

    High Priority for Invite 64 (19.2%)
    Low Priority for Invite 17 (5.1%)
    Not Invite 252 (75.7%)

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