Fulfill my dream. Make me society secretary.

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I've been asked to run for the position of Society Secretary by a society that I have been involved with for a number of years. As part of the ballot process, they distribute a 1 page bio of those running that includes research area, recent pubs, service, etc. But, the one piece I haven't been able to get my head around is the Personal Statement. I have examples from others running for President or VP, where one might be expected to have some sort of vision. But Secretary? Exactly what might one put in a personal statement to run for the position of taking meeting minutes? Because my brain is in Satire Mode 90% of the time, this is what I would like to send:

Many years ago I was asked to take minutes in my departmental faculty meeting. It was new to me and I did my best. I spent a week crafting the prose and at the following meeting, colleagues reviewed my minutes as "decent" and "could've used a spell check". Buoyed by their unbridled enthusiasm I immediately enrolled in secretarial training. I toiled away as an assistant professor by day so that I could pursue my calling by night. I began taking on more and more service at all university levels, insisting on taking the meeting minutes to hone my craft. Being offered the chance to apply my skills at the society level would be another landmark life event. I have trained for this for years and now you hold the ability to grant my dream. Vote for me. Vote for passion!"

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