Graphic Fridays: Parental stress

Jul 19 2013 Published by under [Life Trajectories]

Inspired by true events.

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  • Joshua King says:

    I've got three. Mostly true. Get's a lot easier after the last one is around kindergarten (with 2 year spacing among all of them) which is where we are at now. In a couple of years I'll have a "labor pool" all trained to work on the yard and house so my wife and I can sit around and drink coffee (poof! daydream over).

  • I can see what you are saying. Having had a kid recently (first one) I can see how much work it really is. I had no idea !

  • whizbang says:

    I remember with the first kid thinking that I could handle twice the work and stress. Unfortunately, the effort added with the second kid increased exponentially, not merely doubling.
    Three might have killed me.

  • Bashir says:


    2 is plenty. I can imagine 2. I think at 3 I would start forgetting names.

  • Ben says:

    Which is why I consider having cats and chickens practice for when I have children.

  • ecologist says:

    "I'm sure at least one will survive". Parent or child? who knows.

    Scientist mother of 3.

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