Reader Poll: what's that junk in your trunk?

May 22 2013 Published by under [Et Al]

I'm guessing you can tell a lot about someone by what inhabits the back of their car. At the moment I have the following in my trunk:

2 pairs of rubber boots
1 pair of gloves
2 towels
4 reusable grocery bags that haven't seen the inside of a store in some time
makeshift first aid kit
child's hoodie
emergency diaper and change of clothes for a toddler
small shovel

I'm guessing that others might have a similarly mixed bag of goodies. What objects do you drive around town?

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  • Zen Faulkes says:

    Shovel, bucket, portable aerator, surf boots, and a lot of stray sand.

  • Bashir says:

    Child's car seat base, jumper cables, ice scraper, and a leak. So everything is a little moist.

  • proflikesubstance says:

    Bashir, the recommended spot for a car seat is in the backseat, not the trunk. Although maybe you're on to something....

  • DrugMonkey says:

    Why don't you use your grocery bags?

  • proflikesubstance says:

    They do get used, just not necessarily at the grocery store. Usually we're juggling both kids and only think of the bags when we're loading the groceries into the car.

  • fusilier says:

    Up until an hour ago, there was a 10-pound possum inside a hav-a-heart trap. (I drove Mr./Ms. Marsupial to a park a couple of interstates away.) An Ikea bag for groceries, some desk-copies of textbooks that I really should return to the publishers, jumper-cables, and two or three railroad flares for emergencies.

    I should point out that Daughters #1 and #2 are in their very early 30s, so diaper-bags and car-seats are behind us.

    OTOH, there was the time that somebody grabbed a nice-looking grocery bag from the covered bed of our pick-up. I kinda hope that whoever took it opened it outside. Used Pampers....


    James 2:24

  • eeke says:

    A plastic milk carton containing washer fluid, jumper cables, and I think a newspaper dating back to 2003.

  • MCA says:

    The entire back half of my SUV (and the only reason I own such a vehicle) contains blankets, dog beds, and anywhere from one to three greyhounds, depending on whether we're fostering and/or dog-sitting.

    Plus some paper towels, poop bags, and stain remover, for the obvious reason.

  • Damn stroller takes up basically the whole trunk. Anything else has to fit in around it.

  • Mike says:

    Snow shovel
    Ice scraper
    Empty oil bottle to remind me what kind of oil my car has in it
    Jumper cables
    Some sort of emergency tire patch kit that I don't know how to use
    2 grocery bags
    Bag of pretzels

  • Sxydocma1 says:

    In the wheel well, where spare tire sits, of our ancient subaru station wagon rides the collar of our beloved dog. He loved riding back there. I just couldn't bear to part with his collar after his death and still can't. It's been riding back there for five years now.

  • FSGrad says:

    2 pairs of hip waders, 1 pair rubber gloves, a towel, some collecting jars, old sandals, a baseball cap, a knit cap, a knit headband, 1 pair of knit gloves, an old button-down denim shirt, some ice packs, and (like Zen), more sand than is normal for a car.

    And it isn't peak field season yet -- this is the year-round collection.

  • katiesci says:

    I'll play. Currently have:

    Box of cat litter
    Big bag of cat food
    (too lazy/tired to bring them inside last night)

    Empty can of Squirt (no idea where it came from)
    Reusable grocery bag
    Jumper cables
    Bits of straw (I always buy a bale at the end of fall to cover my strawberries with and don't vacuum until summer)

  • Mac says:

    3 pairs of chest waders
    3 dipnets
    sweater and hat (just in case)
    cardboard laid down along the bottom to absorb the wetness
    more strands of algae than is normal for a car

  • crystaldoc says:

    For the record, how many years ago was your youngest child fully potty trained 🙂

    Or maybe I'm the only one with spare diapers from way back when ...

  • FitAcademic says:

    Off the top of my head...
    Straps for the roof rack
    Avalanche shovel
    Camp chair
    Running hat
    Canvas water bowl for the dog
    And a water bottle that's been rolling around driving me nuts

  • proflikesubstance says:

    Crystaldoc, I actually have a toddler that is in diapers, but, full disclosure, the diaper is left over from when my older daughter needed it.

  • Susan says:

    License plates from two and one states ago
    climbing shoes
    ice scraper
    Thomas guide
    Rand McNally road atlas
    CD library
    baby wipes
    power bars
    tablecloth / towel

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