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May 13 2013 Published by under [Education&Careers]

More of a polling question today: How long does it take you to hire an employee on grant funds?

At my institution, hiring of different positions go through very different processes. Postdocs? Easy. Technicians? Good luck. Having started the process in March to hire someone in late May, I am facing the very distinct possibility of having to delay the hire because the position has not yet made it through the system. Surely other universities can manage to hire soft money limited positions in less than two months?

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  • phagenista says:

    Sounds similar to my university, when hiring someone into a "permanent position." I identified the tech I wanted to hire before I started my job, and started the paperwork before my position started on July 1st. She got the offer and signed it for a Nov 1st start date (hired her hourly before then) and started getting health insurance benefits on Jan 1. She was funded by startup, it was known whomever was hired wouldn't be there for more than 2-3 years.

  • Nope. Not ours. And God forbid you already know who you want to hire...

  • Heavy says:

    For any position, 6 weeks if the stars align. 8-12 weeks is typical and that's with support staff who know all the tricks. That's not including having to readvertise because HR doesn't like the applicant pool. My pools are dominated by people totally unqualified for the position.

  • Terry says:

    It took me four months to do the paperwork to hire a postdoc, and that was me and our admin person both being persistent yet polite the whole way through.

  • Alyssa says:

    Brutal here too --- it took 8 months (EIGHT) to get my job posted on the HR site. I was on maternity leave, and was slated to start my new job in June. But, because of unions and such, the job still needed to be posted and interviews run. We started the process of getting the job posted in January. I had to get paid as a post-doc for three months before my job was posted in August, and I finally got paid the staff salary in September. Brutal.

  • Geologist says:

    Sorry, your numbers sound pretty fast. Took me about 7 months to hire postdoc and ~ 9 months for tech position. I really don't understand WHY it has to take this long???

    I also have to complain about how long it takes to purchase large equipment. 9 months to get an ICP-MS?? I have the money in hand and just want to buy it. How hard can that be??


  • proflikesubstance says:

    Okay, you people are depressing me.

  • We just need to incentivize* speedy hiring/buying using speedy firing. Just dock whatever administrative unit is responsible for delaying a piece of paperwork the most some very small percent of its operating budget.

    *Carry-over from that other thread...

  • minion says:

    Australian research assistant here.
    Grant outcomes released end of November, ad online 1st week of December, full panel interview (i.e., HR rep & all that other unionising stuff) two weeks later, position verbally offered on the same day. Christmas/New Year shutdown! Paperwork finalised end of January, for a mid-Feb start. First pay pro-rated so that I don't need to wait three weeks for the pay cycle to complete.

    Been employed at three different unis now and organised the hire of other candidates also. Can't say the timeframe differs tooo much between them (other than at archaic-U, where it's up to you to know the right people and walk across campus to their desk to get things done). Still, 2hrs out of my day beats eight months of waiting. And wondering if prime candidate will take up a position elsewhere.

  • LD says:

    As long as I give them a couple of weeks or so notice I can hire who I want when I want for the salary I want to pay.

  • Jake says:

    just to post an ad takes so many approvals that it usually takes a month. then two or three more months for background check and other paperwork once I make a choice.

  • Eli Rabett says:

    Whoever said brutal has it in one and it is no walk in the park to get student stipends through. They have the nasty habit of changing the process in mid stream without telling anyone, and then you have to start all over again.

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