Not time to panic

May 06 2013 Published by under [Education&Careers]

Folks, if you haven't heard back on your DEB or IOS preproposal, it's not time to panic yet. Both divisions have set a target date of 5/15 for invites to be notified, as mentioned on the DEB blog. Yes, some people you know may have gotten word that they've been invited, but don't lose hope until May 16th. Then you can freak out.

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  • AnonPI says:

    1 data point: 3 preproposals in this round, 2 DEB (diff clusters), 1 IOS. Invite for one of the DEBs, no word on the other two. Colleagues in yet other clusters have not heard anything.

  • LD says:

    2nd data point: 1 pre proposal in DEB, 1 invite.

  • BatesProf says:

    What clusters have people heard from at the DEB?

  • Anon says:

    another data point:
    3 preproposals (2 DEB, 1 IOS). Invite from Evolutionary Processes (Evol Ecol), no word on Evolutionary Processes (Evol Gen) or IOS.

  • proflikesubstance says:

    Hahaha, y'all can't even help yourselves, can you?

  • MoreData says:

    My data: 1 DEB (Evolutionary Processes Cluster), 1 IOS. Invite on the DEB, no word from IOS.

    The invited proposal is the slim version of a full proposal still pending from last year. I'm slightly optimistic that we'll get funded on the full proposal.

    I wonder how it will play out if a bunch of invited preproposals get pulled because their original incarnations finally get funded? Will they go further down the invite list or will there just be a smaller pool of full proposals?

  • Peter says:

    has anyone heard from pop and community ecology?

  • Joplin says:

    Any news on how this affects decisions on postdoc proposals (which did not require a preproposal)? I am in limbo, as in "not declined, not funded" and wonder whether the drop-dead/kill-self date of 5/16 applies to me too. I know "some" postdoctoral decisions have already been communicated...Feed my obsessing, please!

  • proflikesubstance says:

    This would have no effect on pending full proposals. Sorry.

  • I'm waiting for what the "PANIC" message will look like. Can you even do flashing fonts on this blog?

  • proflikesubstance says:

    I have 8 days to find out.

  • CJ says:

    Any invites from the "Biodiversity: Discovery & Analysis" program (SBS) thus far?

  • "I have 8 days to find out."

    Nice. I'm looking forward to it (the sign, not the panic). Honestly, "PANIC" has been the refrain the entire time that I've been in my PhD program (not that long thankfully) so it's not doing much for me anymore.

    Seems like the only benefit of the general hyper-focusing on the dire situation is that some administrators get to do convenient things like keeping down wages, introducing MOOC's, and other things which turn the university into a Mecca for fearful underemployed adjuncts* and priviledged childless graduate students** who can afford to accept poverty wages.

    * Not knocking adjuncts, I think the quality of the adjunct workforce is excellent especially given the shitty working conditions but the imposter syndrome and fear is pretty extereme.

    ** Again, I'm not knocking graduate students from priviledged backgrounds but if you can't make it through grad school without having big loans or having your parents pay your bills, then the academy is missing out on good graduate students.

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