Here's the value of an NSF blog.

For any of my readers who are sweating out a decision from a DEB panel at NSF, you're going to want to read the DEB blog post from today. If I'm reading it correctly, it would appear that many who have been told that they will be funded if there is money may actually have reason for optimism today. The money paragraph is here, emphasis added:

According to the official NSF notice on impacts, the sequester will take ~5% from 100% of the FY2012 funding level. It is not a decrease out of the 80% we have been working with in FY2013. The practical message is that the sequester does not mean cuts to any DEB awards that were made in prior years and is not canceling new awards NSF has already made this year. Awards recommendations that are working their way through the system will also not be impacted by the sequester. There is even a potential, but no guarantee, that once all is said and done we will be able to support a few more awards later in the year. The actual impact in terms of gross number of awards, number of PIs supported, etc. in DEB won’t be known until after September 30th, but keep in mind that 1000 fewer awards across the agency is only an estimate.

Go comment, question and read. This is what we wanted from an NSF blog - direct access to critical information - so go take advantage of it!

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  • not sure how they will 1) not cut any awards and 2) not cancel new awards and 3) be able to award even more awards in the future. Are the new awards going to be 50% of requested funds?

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