Time to DO something

Feb 26 2013 Published by under [Politics]

Scientists are great complainers. In particular, we love to complain about funding. Funding sources, reviewer 3, Program Officers, etc., etc. Part of that is the hope that if we complain loud enough someone will actually hear us and care.

But we can do more than that. As Gerty-Z has pointed out, you have an opportunity right now to have your voice heard. @nparmalee is in DC right now speaking on behalf of the Parkinson's Action Netowrk. She has very generously offered to hand deliver letters to Congress on our behalf.

The door is open, it's your turn to do something. Write up a quick letter and get in touch with Nancy. We need a voice and we need to take as much action as possible NOW. Many of our grants hang in the balance of what happens in Congress over the next month and NIH is already planning for the worst. If you need more reason, take a look at how your state will be effected by the sequester.

Get writing.

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