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Jan 10 2013 Published by under [Et Al]

From time to time it is useful for us to ask the readers what they think of the site, as a whole. How is Scientopia working for you? What are things you would like to see improved (other than my spelling)? Is our site doing a decent job of keeping you interested? Drugmonkey has an open thread on the topic and it would be great if you could let us know how you feel the site is doing, either there or here.

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  • Jim Thomerson says:

    It doesn't interest me as much as it might. It seems to have a lot of commentary about grant situations and postdocing. I went directly from PhD to Assistant Professor. I had several small grants, but my job was never contingent on them, just the ability to do fun things. So I don't relate with many of the posters as well as I might if I had shared experiences. I suppose the things which most interest me are evolution, phylogeny, etc. type discussions.

  • R E G says:

    Possibly the run of articles lately on funding and grant-writing are because 'Tis the Season for such things. As someone who was traumatized by Grade 9 biology, I am never going to need the wealth of advice offered on those topics.

    I am missing the posts on the science the bloggers are doing and the cool new things they discover.

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