Corporate Bio-knowledge FAIL

Nov 29 2012 Published by under [Biology&Environment]

Um, yeah. As much as "amphipod" sounds kinda like "amphibian", they are not actually the same thing. But the people at Amphipod Running Products probably didn't want their logo to look like this:

Pic from here

Although, I gotta say it's a lot more interesting than a frog.

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  • I'm guessing they just wanted a cute version of amphibian pod because most of their products are water holders (pods?). Most amphipods come in the mm range. The fist sized are much rarer monsters.

  • proflikesubstance says:

    I'm sure the intention was one thing, but picking an existing organism name and using a different organism as a logo is just odd. Granted, only a handful of geeks are going to recognize the discrepancy, but still.

    And yes, I used an extreme example of an amphipod to make a point. There are actually "cute" onces out there. If you're into that kind of thing.

  • neurowoman says:

    In a similar vein, I'm appalled at the number of children's books with badly misrepresented animals - like bees with stingers on their noses (a mosq-bee-to?).

  • becca says:

    c'mon, that thing is totally fast, right?

  • scicurious says:'s kind of fail. But I LOVE the amphibod products.

  • Thatte's a motherfucken hugeasse amphipodde!

  • Mac says:

    Amphipods are adorable and much distinctive than another frog logo. They should definitely make this change AND pay you royalties for logo design.

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