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Nov 07 2012 Published by under [Politics]

Last night was a big night for the country. Although I am happy to see Obama get another term, I was overwhelmed by the progressive sentiment across the country. Our campaign "season" is longer than San Diego's "sunny and 75 degrees season" and typically brings out the worst in politics. We saw a lot of it this year and I couldn't be happier it's over.

But the big take home message from last night was that this country wants to move toward a more equitable society. Same sex marriage was supported in every state where it was on the ballot. Akin and Mourdock, both promising candidates before they put public words to what their political counterparts were saying privately, both lost their bids to senate seats. Even California's Prop 37, which many have argued is anti-science, lost. The nation put what is good for the whole country ahead of the potential* of a quicker economic turn-around at the expense of social services, health care and the middle class. To me, these are the gains I most wanted to see.

Hopefully the GOP will have to reassess what losing the moderate vote means for the party, but time will tell whether they actually do. For now I'm happy that I am raising my daughters in a country that doesn't support rape as a means to a gift. A country that is slowly (painfully) starting to recognize that rights should be extended to those who lead different lifestyles from the majority. A nation that values science over hand waving. That's the US I want to watch my daughters grow up in.

Now it's time for congress to start to work together again. We spent the last year to basically return with the same President and a very similar Senate and House. The congressional inaction of the last two years has got to change for the country to make the gains we need to get out of this hole. Let's hope it can happen, for all of our sake.

*Since no one could ever pin Romney down on his budget, we don't know how this would have played out.

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  • Now it's time for congress to start to work together again.


    The Congress is going to be even more polarized and gridlocked this term than the first Obama term.

  • proflikesubstance says:

    Dude, give me my 10 minutes of optimism.

  • Isabel says:

    Don't forget the beginning of the end of the drug war against the American people. With NO help from the politicians or the MSM. Very inspiring.

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