Like the universe, we're expanding

Oct 10 2012 Published by under [Et Al]

There are some new peeps around this joint and you should go check them out.

Dr. Rubidium has joined the ranks with her blog Thirty-seven. Go check out her introduction post and if you are unfamiliar with her previous work, go catch up!

Neuropolarbear has moved his blog, Giraffs Elephants Baboons, to Scientopia as well. His most recent post on scooping should be required reading for grad students.

Finally, Biochem Belle has started Transient Interactions, here on the network. A longtime blogger (at least in blogging years) and active twitterererer, many of you will likely be familiar with her.

Go welcome everyone and stay tuned for the announcement of several more exciting bloggers foolish enough to who will be joining us soon!

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