Friday four-year-old pearls of wisdom

Oct 05 2012 Published by under [Et Al], [Life Trajectories]

"Mommy, if you wanted 100 babies you would have to rent them. And then the cats would take care of them while you were at work."

"Why didn't this book get any surprises?" (In reference to a book not having any book prize stickers on the cover)

"My cut hurts the same distance as my flu shot"

"Daddy, can we get princess gum? My friend told me about it and it's supposed to be good and when you eat it tastes like princesses in your mouth!"

"Is the plunger still here?" (In reference to the plumber)

"My tummy hurts. Can I have some pesto?" (Looking for Pepto)

"You do realize that the sky is blue for a reason, right daddy?"

"If we ever go to Disney World I will only hug the characters with skin!"

"We're going to plant apple seed at school and see what happens. I hope we grow oranges and bananas!"

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