Sunday chili

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Fall is the time for chili and Sunday is the day to make it. There's football on and food to make for the week. Gather your ingredients!

About a pound of stew beef.
Half a pound of ground beef.
A red pepper.
A poblano pepper.
An onion.
16 ozs of diced fire roasted tomatoes.
16 ozs of crushed fire roasted tomatoes.
8 ozs of black beans.
8 ozs of kidney beans.
2 ears of corn.
6 ozs beer (I use a malty ale)
2 ozs basalmic vinegar.
Dried chipotle peppers
Dried aji panca peppers.


Dice the fresh peppers, onion and mince the garlic. Sauté over medium heat until soft.

then add the basil and oregano.


After a minute or two, add the meat. Brown over medium heat.


Transfer to a crock pot.


Add all the canned goods, the corn (cut off the cob) the vinegar, half the beer (the other half is for the chef) and chilies to taste (I add about 4 chipotle and 2 aji panca.


Mix everything and let cook on high for 4-8 hours (longer is better)


Once it cooks done, it's ready to serve. Eat up!


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  • physioprof says:

    Corn??? Jeezus motherfucke.

  • Hermitage says:

    PLS, you know you're my bro, but that's fucking stew, not chili.

  • proflikesubstance says:

    Corn in chili rocks. End of story.

  • chezjake says:

    The spelling is chipotle not chipolte.

    Corn is fine. Much too much tomato. I'd probably double the onion. Where is the cumin/comino?

  • proflikesubstance says:

    And here I thought I had exhausted all my spellcheck readers.

  • Jim Thomerson says:

    The secret to good beans in chili is to cook the beans separately and add them to the chili when served. I would use less tomato. I have used shredded carrots in place of tomato. Definitely need a good dose of comino. Chili goes very well with cornbread crumbled up in it. Frito pie with chili and beans is pretty good. If you are in a hurry, get a bottle of Gebhardt Chili Powder and follow the recipe. I generally add a little more cumin.

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