NSF Bio Discussing submission process - your input needed

Sep 25 2012 Published by under [Education&Careers]

A call from the Society for the Study of Evolution is going around. If you want your voice heard, now is the time.

Dear SSE Members –

The NSF BIO directorate will decide immediately (possibly Tuesday 9/25) whether to modify aspects of the current preproposal submission process. Two issues have risen as common concerns across the community and may be considered:
The limited number of preproposal submission periods per year (currently 1x/year).
The limited number of preproposals that a single PI may submit simultaneously (currently 2 at the 1x/year submission).

If you have an opinion on the current preproposal process, now is the time for your voice to be heard. The most effective message is likely to be a succinct email expressing your prioritized support for changing one of the two points above sent to:
BIO Assistant Director - John Wingfield - jwingfie@nsf.gov
BIO Deputy Assistant Director - Joan Roskoski – jroskosk@nsf.gov
and copied to your program officers

for DEB – Evolutionary Processes, these include
Elizabeth Friar – efriar@nsf.gov
George Gilchrist – ggilchri@nsf.gov
Lori Stevens – losteven@nsf.gov
Leslie Rissler – lrissler@nsf.gov
Sam Scheiner – sscheine@nsf.gov

for Systematic Biodiversity Science, these include
Robb Brumfield – rbrumfie@nsf.gov
Maureen Kearney – mkearney@nsf.gov
Simon Malcomber – smalcomb@nsf.gov
Thomas Ranker - tranker@nsf.gov
Michael Whiting – mwhiting@nsf.gov

Butch Brodie
B. F. D. Runk Professor of Biology
Director, Mt Lake Biological Station
Executive Vice President, Society for the Study of Evolution

SSE Business Office
4475 Castleman Avenue | St. Louis Missouri, 63110-3201

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