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Mar 28 2012 Published by under [Education&Careers]

Cath, over at VWXYNot, has a post up describing the changes being proposed by CIHR (the Canadian NIH) to revamp the review process there and alter their funding structure. These changes are being fueled by some of the same pressures that influenced NSF Bio to undergo recent changes.

As I commented on the post, I’m sure this will play out like all of these transitions do – initial screaming by the constituency, followed by screams returning to baseline levels in a year or two. The issue is that funding agencies have to do something to solve some major problems. They are not always going to get it right, but they have the money, so they make the rules. We can complain (and probably will), but it is what it is. Adapt or fall behind.

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  • My Australian friend says that their agencies are going the same way at the same time; I guess the global recession is either triggering these changes or accelerating the funders' plans. Hopefully they're all in contact with each other during the planning and transition stages - it would be nice if every country didn't have to repeat the same mistakes already made elsewhere.

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