REPOST: Graphic.... Wednesdays: The 7 stages of grading

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From roughly a year ago:

I'm not convinced I'm going to make it until Friday, so this is early.

1) Immobilization: "I can't believe how many tests I have to grade. Why did I do essays? Am I a masochist? I can wait a few days before dealing with those."

2) Denial: "Do I have a thick accent or speak in another language during class? The students don't seem to have understood anything I have said. Am I in the right country? Where am I?"

3) Anger: "Why are my students trying to kill me? We went over this concept for 20 minutes, had a lab on it, and 40% of the class gets the answer right?"

4) Bargaining: "Maybe if I grade a few, then reward myself with something, it won't be so bad. Three exams, then ice cream. Mmmm, ice cream."

5) Depression: "Why am I even doing this? Am I horrible teacher? Do they tune me out? And why did I eat so much ice cream?"

6) Testing: "Maybe if I curve juuuuust slightly, I'll avoid a riot."

7) Acceptance: "Whatever, it's one test. Where's the scotch?"

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