Easier forgiven than permised

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There's a simple rule when it comes to PI dealings with paperwork: The easiest path will always be taken. If there are corners to cut or someone I can call instead of filling out yet another form, that's what's gonna happen. It's predictable and dependable, but incomprehensible to Administrators.

Today I had the following exchange:

Administrator: "Dear PLS, when reconciling your Pcard I found Tiny Issue and need an explanation by email."

PLS: "Here are two lines on Tiny Issue that took me 30sec to write. Does this satisfy you?"

Administrator: "Yes, thank you. If you plan on having a Tiny Issue in the future could you please fill out the pre-approval form at least two week ahead of time. You can find said form on our arcane and difficult to navigate website labeled as Something You Wouldn't Expect."

Riiiight, I will get all over that. Let me guess, it has to be hardcopy and delivered by a singing telegram, right?

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  • Bashir says:

    and carbon copied in quadruplicate!

    PLS, what good are pointless rules if you don't follow them?

  • BugDoc says:

    SO true!!!! Why is it that administrators feel that protocols need to be as weird, time-consuming and complicated as possible? When we do experiments, the whole point is to make them simpler and easier. Our animal protocols office decided that they were going to create an electronic database for creating and tracking protocols, which sounded really great. In reality, the electronic system now takes more time than the paper system. WTF?

  • Lab Rockstar says:

    Drat those Vogons!

  • chemicalbilology says:

    One of our versions of this is that for travel, there's a certain form that has to be filled out in excruciating detail, including how much you expect to spend on meals, how, precisely, you will get to the airport, your anticipated hotel charges, etc. etc.--all turned in in advance even though YOU MIGHT NOT EVEN DO THINGS THAT WAY. And if you don't ever turn in the form, but just submit for reimbursement, you STILL GET REIMBURSED. So....... why do we need to fill in this form, again?

  • pyrope says:

    This reminds me of our new "paper conserving" method for university credit card statements...now, instead of getting a mailed statement that we turn in, we get an e-statement...which, we then have to print in duplicate along with providing photocopies of receipts. Genius!

  • proflikesubstance says:

    At least it's not just my uni where they take Making Administrator Work a top priority. Seems that universities are particularly fertile ground for this, however.

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