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-This semester is eating me alive. Only two more weeks where I am teaching two full class at once*, and then I regain a little sanity. Perhaps. The other day I was wondering why this semester has been so rough and then I realized that it might be the fact that the baby wakes me up three times a night. Maybe.

-Despite this, I'm quite enjoying the interactions with my two classes. I've finally settle on a series of slides and concepts that seems to keep their attention enough for me to deadpan some jokes and actually get a reaction.

-Note to self: make your quizzes and tests easier to grade.

-I have been invited to be on a preproposal panel for NSF, so I'll be discussing that process here in a couple of months. I'm actually looking forward to it a little.

-My NIH study section meets in a couple of weeks. I'll be curious what they think of this new proposal I've submitted. You never know when working on the fringe of NIHville.

-Being on a college-wide committee is an eye-opening experience... as in the capacity some people have for "due process" bullshittery is eye-opening.

-March is the month I will clear out some papers that have been "almost done" for way too long.

-When people put their name in ALL CAPS in the "from" field of an email, I pretty much assume it is spam. Sorry about that, journal editor.

-I have an irrational fear of intense unibrows.

-I might start demanding that if students don't have an answer for a question on a quiz, that they draw something unrelated instead. A few students did that last week and the results were hilarious.

*I don't know how people who have to teach 3 or 4 classes at the same time even survive.

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