Incarceration music

Jan 21 2012 Published by under [Et Al]

I'm currently stuck in a small airport. The first leg of my flight has been delayed in 1-2 hour stints 4 times now, leaving us to wait in dread for each new announcement. Chances are they will drag this out for another couple hours and then cancel the flight.

They have also shut down all the food options in the terminal, but I may be good on this front because I have been feeling increasingly like I have a train wreck of a stomach bug coming on. This is getting worse before it gets better, folks.

To top it off, the GOP debate is playing at high volume on every TV in this place. To drown it out, I'm playing this:

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  • Mocklion says:

    Well, what else do you expect from small minded small townspeople than to listen to R*publican debates? If only this nation could see the halo around the heads of the elite and bow down and defer to your superior intellects, you could show the world how to achieve Soviet style Nirvana!

  • proflikesubstance says:

    Yeah! Especially since I wasn't in the US.

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