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Routine is something that we're always told that kids need. They like predictability and to know what is going to happen. Routine keeps them feeling like there is some order and control of things. Certainly we have seen that first hand in how much the Wee One likes to know what each day will bring.

In some ways I'm stating to feel like the routine mindset is rubbing off on me as well. I can really get things rolling when I get in a schedule groove and can make time to do most things I need done. After living my life without a lot of routine, kids have forced me into a set schedule (and earlier bed time).

The last few weeks, however, have been anything but routine. I haven't had more than three days in the office for the last little while and those days are starting to be more and more jammed. It's also harder to get things rolling in this new fragmented space, so I waste more time when I can least afford it. This may be a good time to be less productive (is there a good time for this?) than other months, but it is a bit disorienting and harder to keep track of obligations.

Perhaps it is the time of year coupled with the fact that I am a little burnt from the semester, but I feel like I'm sliding backwards and losing track of some of those balls I can usually keep in the air.

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  • pyrope says:

    Maybe it's time to let the balls drop and take a holiday break? Then you can come back to New Year's new routines. Everything always goes to hell during the holidays - you're not alone.

  • proflikesubstance says:

    Two deadlines before New Years...

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