The hammer that breaks the camel's back?

Nov 14 2011 Published by under [Education&Careers]

It seems as though I'm the only person on the internet who hasn't weighed in on the horrific Penn State case. I hardly think I can add anything to the outrage that is rightly directed at everyone in the athletic department and above who knew about what was happening and did nothing. I can simply hope the victims get what they need to process the failures of the adults they trusted and the ones they never knew, but should have protected them.

Can there be anything positive to come out of this horrible saga? Maybe.

Maybe this makes a few universities think about the power their athletic programs have. Maybe the ADs and Coaches of Major Sport of Choice get second-guessed a little more frequently. Maybe universities begin to question, at least a little, the impact of major collegiate sports on their campuses.

No one should be beyond question on a university campus. There are no gods that walk campus sidewalks. How many football scandals do we need to realize that the mini empires run at universities across the country are built on ego and exploitation? In the best of times it is "just" the majority of major sport student athletes who never graduate and at the worst of times we see the unimaginable.

Will it matter? Can change be pulled from tragedy? Don't color me optimistic.

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