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Anyone had success writing an REU supplement for an NSF grant and would like to share advice on getting one funded?

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  • odyssey says:

    I've had several. They're pretty straightforward. Keep it succinct. Write a description of the specific project(s) the student(s) will working on, include a paragraph on how their work will fit in with your funded project, and justify the $ amount you're requesting. I'm pretty sure your PO is going to be the only decision-maker here - write it for them.

    One last thing. My PO requires me to have identified the undergrads before submitting the supplement request. YMMV.

  • anonymous says:

    Just talk to the program officer, and ask exactly what you should write. The program officer will essentially agree to it or not before you submit anything in writing, and as long as what you wrote is sensible and matches what you say on the phone, it's a given that you'll be funded. (Once, I had to trim back the budget because they thought one thing was too pricey).

    When I've done this, I've writtene a page about the project that the student will be doing, including the intellectual merit of the project and the broader effects on this particular student's career. (If you anticipate that this experience will send them on to grad school, for example.) I've said that I expect student co-authorship to come out of it, and I cite the papers of previous REU projects.

    Write the budget justification with as much detail as you would for a normal grant for each item. If it's allowable, put in conference travel money for the student to tag along or present at the next meeting you go to.

  • MZ says:

    Agree with above. Also make sure you know how much you can ask for; once I requested an amount that turned out to be over the max for that program, though it was fine for another program I'd received an REU for.

  • Postdoc says:

    Maybe things are different now or I'm thinking of the wrong section, but I thought the REU students had to write this. I had to write two pages outlining the research and how awesome it would be, and the PI didn't change it much.

  • proflikesubstance says:

    There is a difference between and REU site and an REU supplement for an existing grant. The former is something that undergrads apply to. In the latter, I'm not sure I would want an undergrad writing a proposal that will be evaluated by mu PO, but to each their own.

  • Postdoc says:

    Quite fair. Thanks for the clarification.

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