Don't live with regret

Oct 21 2011 Published by under [Education&Careers]

Good news readers! With our help the Looking at the World a Little Closer project was funded! The teacher in charge of the project, Mr. Spencer, had this to say:

Thank you so much for funding my project "Looking at the World a Little Closer." Due to all the generous donations, the students at our school will have the opportunity to work with a high-tech USB microscope in the field. This could not have been possible without your support. My students and I thank you from the bottom of our heart. People like you make inquiry based learning possible for the 650 students that come through my science lab each week.

With gratitude,
Mr. S

Thank you to everyone who helped out with this project and the many others who have given. As a whole, the Science Blogger community has raised nearly $47,000. I'm proud that we have been a part of it.

For those of you who haven't given yet, there is still time. Click on the link to the right and get your donation in, large or small. You don't want to have to live with regret.

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