Science without a microscope?

Oct 17 2011 Published by under [Education&Careers]

I've made no secret here that my particular brand of science is firmly rooted in working with "non-traditional" organisms. Where many look around and see "animal", "plant" and "who cares?", I couldn't care less about the legged* and xylemated. But if you're going to check out The Other of this world, you're gonna need a microscope.

That's why I would like to focus on getting the "Looking at the World a Little Closer" DonorsChoose project funded this week. According to Mr. Spencer, his students need "a USB microscope to examine slides of various microscopic organisms and to share their findings with details other students". I have added this project to my giving page and I think we ca close it out by the end of the week. Less than $300 is required to make this happen and it doesn't matter if we get there through 32 donations or 2, we just need to finish it out.

So what say you, readers? Can we get a microscope for these students?

*Except when it comes to selling my science, in which case, what I do is totes critical to saving teh humenz.

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