Graphic Fridays: How days get murdered

Aug 26 2011 Published by under [Education&Careers], [Et Al]

The other day I fell into the most basic n00b trap of them all: The 15 Minuter.

The trap is set when a senior colleague asks you to take on a "15 minute" task for them. It's a brilliant ploy, because you look like an asshole if you can't spare 15 minutes to help someone out, right? So you agree under the assurance that "it'll probably not even take that long". Stupid n00b.

(A) So you begin to plan for your "15 minute" task by talking to the person organizing the larger program you have just gotten involved in. (B) The organizer reveals that the group they need you to talk to is larger than expected and proposes dividing it into to two, instantly doubling your time commitment. (C) After reluctantly agreeing to two groups, you receive the itinerary and notice you are scheduled for an hour. (D) In calling to protest the doubled time, you finally get the whole story. Looks like they want you to demonstrate something specific for this dog and pony show, which of course, means you need to head into the field to get the material necessary if you want to generate any interest in the topic at all.

You didn't have any plans that day anyway, right?


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