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It's starting. Despite a bit of time until the school year begins, there is a tangible change on campus. The collective anticipation of the student burden that approaches has a distinct feel and those organizing the earliest activities can be seen buzzing about.

One distinct harbinger of the fall studential return is a massive influx on university-emblazoned clothing items to the book store - to the point that they have a special overflow area to contain the additional stock. Indeed, these items get consumed as fast as they are unboxed and this is one of the few universities I have worked at where university-themed clothing is worn by an astonishing percentage of the people crowding it's walkways and classrooms.

Perhaps because my academic career has never taken me to places where sports is a major campus focus, I have never been one to wear my affiliation on my sleeve, so to speak. I have owned clothing associated with my undergraduate institution, but in three institutions since, I don't recall buying any university clothing. However, I have noticed at my current institution that faculty regularly wear Employment University garments, or adorn their cars with stickers to the same effect.

Am I missing some benefit of getting wrapped up in school spirit, or are other university employees out there similarly non-plussed by being draped in someone's artistic representation of some obscure mascot choice?

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  • missmse says:

    I am currently at a very sport-obsessed school, and the only item I have with the university logo on it is a sweatshirt given to me when I opened a bank account that I wear for painting and other messy tasks...

    However, I do have a decent amount of clothing with university logos from my undergraduate institution. About half of it was given to me as a gifts, but as a member of the pep band, I ended up with a few extra shirts with the school logo on it to wear as part of the uniform. But really, you aren't missing anything other than feeling more like you belong to cult...

  • Dr. O says:

    Not myself, but our car. Hubby went to the university that I'm now at, and he insists on expressing his school pride via the Subaru.

  • andre says:

    I'm at a school that values academics and not athletics (division 3 sports! woohoo!). This allows me to both proudly wear school logo-ed apparel unironically, but to also attend sporting events and cheer for my students (who are extremely capable science majors who also happen to be on college sports teams without any interference in the academic side of their college experience).

  • studyzone says:

    I have a water-battle with the logo of my current (postdoc) institution. Although my grad school is totally sports-obsessed (and I was raised a fan of their football team), I never splurged on apparel. I still have the sweatshirt and a few t-shirts from my undergrad SLAC - can't let go, I guess (after 38 yrs, I can positively say those were the best 4 years of my life. Sad.)

  • I wear a bunch of shit with logos of the university I work at.

  • Marc says:

    I have at least one shirt and knicknack from each school I have been affiliated with. I wear the shirts every so often. Mind you the shirts are academic departments. The knicknacks are on display in my office.

  • Postdoc U used to give their shit away like it was candy. They used to stock a lot of XXL and never had any small sizes available for peeps like me. I now use these items as paint rags.

  • Genomic Repairman says:

    If its a free tshirt from institution, I'll rock it when the clean laundry pile gets low.

  • Tobias says:

    I have some cloth bags from my old college, they are very well made so I use them for most of my shopping.
    I also own a similar, but not as well made, bag from my current university; but I don't use it as often.

    Almost nobody wears labels and similar stuff. I have seen some people with t-shirts, but those are rare.
    In my old town there where a lot of people with backpacks from one of the universities. But I think those were given away for free too.

  • El Picador says:

    My University is all douchebags, only a low normal like PP would wear branded crapola.

  • My current U is seriously sports obssessed, and since this is where my husband grew up, I got given some things before I even applied here.

  • Aisling says:

    My institution has no sports team, but I regularly use logo-bags that I got as freebies over the years to carry my gym gear or shopping. I feel it's a good compromise between being obsessed with the institution and showing no outward signs of belonging 🙂

  • pyrope says:

    Students here are routinely wearing U apparel - I don't think it's a sports thing, although maybe some of it is. I have to admit that I really love seeing students in U wear...I must have some latent school pride. Although, the only U wear I own is a hoodie that I bought because it is cold here and it has one of those little pockets across the front where I can keep both my hands and I luurve it. Plus, our school colors do not scream *school colors!*.

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