Graphic Fridays: Exponential Growth?

Aug 19 2011 Published by under [Et Al]

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  • in 6 weeks you'll realize your fridge is suddenly too small as well.....or maybe my kid and eat way more than we're supposed to.

  • Namnezia says:

    Nah...after we had kid #2 we stopped changing kid number one as often (ie. "meh, that yogurt stain on her shirt isn't THAT big," or "what's a little poop smear gonna do anyway?"). So as a result the amount of laundry went down, or stayed at a steady state.

  • Fred says:

    I wouldn't be surprised if there was a dip in the Amount of Laundry just after the arrival of Second Child (due to sleep deprivation).

  • proflikesubstance says:

    The graph is just laundry, Fred, not laundry that gets done.

  • Steve says:

    What about laundry created by the actions of child one on child two (or vice versa)? I think the second child should add a bigger step to the graph - but you have the experimental evidence to test my hypothesis.

  • Odyssey says:

    Nam's right. And when you get to the third you just let 'em run around naked.

  • CoR says:

    Third? We let the first run around nekkid. And we do much less laundry as a result.....

  • Odyssey says:

    CoR: Outside the house (and not in your yard) as well? 🙂

  • CoR says:

    We make him wear clothes to school and camp and usually his clothes come home sufficiently clean so he can wear them again before washing. We tried to institute a 'you must have pants on in the yard' rule but that didn't last. He'll wear shoes and boxer shorts around the house....

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