Rocking the babymoon staycation... and then there were four

Aug 09 2011 Published by under [Et Al], [Life Trajectories]

We had a great weekend. We took a long weekend as a family and basically did a bunch of stuff together. I didn't work at all, we ate at some favorite places (both as a family and just the two of us), we stocked up with supplies and spent a bunch of money. We had fun and the Wee One was in good spirits the whole time after showing some anxiety lately and being generally crabby for the previous 10 days.

Turns out it was just in time. My wife's water broke this morning before dawn and we mobilized the team. We got to the hospital a little after 6:00, determined that the baby was still head up and went to the OR around 8:00. Less than an hour later we were all back in the room, everyone healthy. A long way from the 38 hour birth-a-thon we did on the first go round. Having a c-section wasn't what we had hoped for, but it worked out. I am now out-numbered in the house 3-1 and plan on installing an outside shower in a year or two.

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