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Aug 05 2011 Published by under [Et Al]

I've been on a powerful-voice-women kick lately with my musical tastes and had to diversify a bit from Neko Case (not that I don't love Neko Case!). I've been hearing good things about Florence and the Machine but hadn't listened to much of their stuff until this week. It didn't take me long to buy their two albums.

There's been some decent radio play of "The Dog Days are Over" and "You've got the love", but there's a lot to like about their other songs as well. Despite the song below being part of the soundtrack for "Eclipse", I can forgive the band.

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  • Melissa's Bench says:

    Yes I also only recently discovered Florence and the Machine. Also, if you like Afro-pop rhythms and deep lyrics, you should try tUnE-yArDs' latest "WHOKILL." Also an amazing female vocalist with a completely unique sound. Great year for new female artists!

  • Dr. Dad, PhD says:

    I'm not sure if you're into foreign music, but one of my favorite female voices is Edith Piaf. Florence Welch reminds me a lot of an English version of her, especially how such a big voice manages to come out of such an apparently small body....

    Link below (or embedded on my blog) is from an appearance on Ed Sullivan

  • Natalie says:

    Some of this is varied/weird/old, but she sings hard. I still play her Stuff album every now and then: http://youtu.be/vI2vRRvEeis
    And Regina Spektor has some whoppers too, if she isn't already on your playlist.

  • Lab Rockstar says:

    I've never heard of Florence and the Machine before. Given, I don't get out much or watch tv or talk to people. But this jam was epic. Thanks for posting!

  • Natalie says:

    I forgot pj harvey's "stories from the city stories from the sea"! One of my favorites.

  • lin says:

    I love your link, never heard of her, but now on my ipod 🙂

    Not as powerful, but beautiful: http://www.emilianatorrini.com/

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