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I had to go through my calendar today to look something up from 2008 and I noticed something. Two weeks prior to starting my job was the last time a vacation appears in my schedule where I had to take more than one or two normal workdays off. I have traveled plenty in that time and had a lot of fun, but almost always related to work. Part of the reasoning here is because of being busy and also because we have been banking vacation/sick time to compensate for a draconian family leave policy at my wife's job, but that is a long time to go without getting away in a real sense. This is not a good thing.

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  • Natalie says:

    It appears to be biennial: Last time was 2 summers ago, but I'm leaving next month for 2 weeks.

  • Patchi says:

    just got back from 2 weeks off. I'm allowed 3 weeks a year and I take them all.

  • Dr. O says:

    On our way out of town right now! Before that, probably a couple of years.

  • studyzone says:

    My vacations always consist of traveling to the opposite coast to visit my family. I'm a postdoc, and my PI has a pretty liberal policy, but I take two weeks a year - 7 days at Christmas, 7 days in late summer. I'd feel guilty about taking any more time out of the lab, but those two weeks allow me to cope with homesickness.

  • Dr. Dad, PhD says:

    My wife and I realized last winter that our last vacation was our honeymoon. 8 YEARS AGO. Technically, we have left work for almost a week at a time, but it was not really a vacation so much as an obligation to drive cross-country to see the family we left behind when I took this postdoc. I was in constant contact with the lab or NIH, making it hardly relaxing, and more stressful than work. In retrospect, it seemed like a scene out of Nation Lampoon's Vacation.

    I'm not exactly sure how we went so long without going on a vacation, but a large part of it was getting married/having kids while I was still in grad school... In any case, we decided that by the end of the year we'd do something fun with the kids. Probably Florida (we're not all that original, but it really does sound fun). It'll a bit hectic doing it as I'm getting ready for a job search (and waiting on grant decisions), but I honestly don't know when else we'll do it.

    And we need it. I'm burned out. Wife's burned out. It's definitely time to recharge the batteries. With any luck next year will be far less hectic and we'll be able to take another trip 🙂

  • Ink says:

    Yes, that's a long time. You must plan a holiday immediately.

    In the same boat, but I'm planning one for later this year. Oh, yes I am.

    ps: Back at the homestead. But then, you knew that it would happen.

  • odyssey says:

    Just got back from mine this morning. I view annual vacations as being essential. I'm always far, far more productive after a break, so ultimately I get more work done even though I've worked fewer days.

  • proflikesubstance says:

    If not for banking time, we certainly would have taken time this summer and maybe even made a trip back to Postdoctia, but it didn't work out that way. I agree that we've waited too long and endeavor to fix that next year.

  • GMP says:

    I hadn't had a vacation for more than 10 years before the end of year 5 on the TT.
    Since then, I take 2 weeks off (as in, we pack up and leave town) every summer.

  • CoR says:

    Next month! Can't wait.

  • Lab Rockstar says:

    After 5 days, I start pining for my dissertation. I hate thinking of it sitting all alone, neglected... likely with undergrads using my notes as coasters...

  • Mokele says:

    Honestly, my wife and I don't vacation much largely due to expense and our pets - finding someone who can look after everything from fish to 9-foot snakes can be daunting.

  • our vacations consist of ski trips

  • Dr. Zeek says:

    I went for a two-week vacation in Alaska (to see Mr. Dr. Zeek's family) 3 months after I started my post-doc. Besides a random day here and there or a three day weekend, I think that was my last "real" vacation. It was three years ago.

  • Donalbain says:

    Why can I only click on one of the radio buttons? I already have this summer, and I plan to again later in the summer

  • Donalbain says:

    I usually get away twice each summer, pus a week in the winter, and then a few odd days and weekends here and there.

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