You people are twisted

Jul 01 2011 Published by under [Et Al]

Sometimes I am baffled by the search terms that get people here, other times I am just scared. Either way, I though it would be a good idea to help some of these wayward searches in any way I can.

how to draw a mustache in illustrator
Haven't tried this yet, but let me know how it works out. I'm turning all my departmental web photos a little Magnum P. I.

daddy i need to pee moon
If my child told me this I would get them to a bathroom and then to the doctor.

muscle daddys
Now we're talking!

happy baby face but sad feelings

how to use a dead hummingbird
Christmas ornament?

lesions of the day
If you're getting daily lesions that keep changing, you're coming to the wrong type of doctor.

how to approach a blogger
With chocolate and averted eyes.

new dumb and dumber movie
Time to give up the dream, people.

bird holding envelope

i second it completely
Are you that over enthusiastic dude at the faculty senate meetings?

bird stared at my eyes
Never let them see you sweat or they will find you!

graduate students are the worst mean
I think someone didn't like their TA.

sitting in same seat everyday
Is unhealthy. Try something new today.

how to swim in water and not sink
I think the "not sinking" is integral to the "swimming in water".

spy vs spy butt
From what I remember they really didn't have much for keisters.

having sex with my phd supervisor
Um, just don't. At. All. Seriously.

illustrator draw hyperbole
I think the hyperbole button is in the new version.

green eggs and hamster
Breakfast of champions!

massive mussle men
Wait, are you looking for big guys who harvest mussels?

bacteria into toys
New, from Fisher Price!

powerpoint slide designs on bride dresses
You design career is about to be short-lived.

Have a great weekend everyone and happy Canada Day.

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