Dear disorganized me

Jun 02 2011 Published by under [Et Al]

You need to clean your office and actually come up with a filing system. The geologic approach - where files can be retrieved based on a relationship between time since last accessed and distance down the pile - is not working well. Worse, in your brilliant attempt to outsmart your system, you have inadvertently lost the items you put in a "special" place for the very purpose of NOT losing them. You're getting to be like one of those old people who thinks someone is stealing from them because they put their jewelry in the ice cube tray to hide it, then forget about it, which makes them hide more stuff in a viscous cycle. The time it would take to fix the situation is likely significantly less than the time you spend hunting shit down.

Do it.

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  • Nat says:

    I don't blame getting old. I blame the kids.

    Beware the viscous cycles though. Things can get mighty sticky!

  • odyssey says:

    Keeping things filed in the ice cube tray works for me.

    When I can remember where the ice cube tray is...

  • Lisa says:

    i find the pile managing system works quite well.... except
    recently there's no room on my desk to put my coffee cup down. but
    every time i file/ manage/ organize it takes me 20 minutes to
    "find" the paper/ document/ article/ etc i am looking for. im not

  • Having just spent > 3 hrs in my home office cleaning up the different piles. Found important things, like the paper informing me our property taxes are due:)

  • Pascale says:

    I'm moving and converting all my files to PDFs which can then be searched. My office is a mess right now.

  • Ink says:

    Oh, I GET it.

    My letter today would begin "Dear Indecisive Me."

    And yeah, if you were betting, you win. But I lasted at the new place whole day this time, not just ten minutes...

  • namnezia says:

    I just print the stuff over again, which means I have multiple copies of the same thing all over my office.

    Is a "viscous" cycle when things turn really slowly?

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