Blog Rolling: The Pipetting Diva and Periodic Boundary Conditions

May 09 2011 Published by under [Et Al]

Providing a platform for people to highlight their blogs has given me a good amount to read over the last little while, and hopefully some readers have been following suit. Today I would like to draw your attention to a pair of student blogs, the first, Periodic Boundary Conditions, written by Ms. MSE, and The Pipetting Diva, written by Lab Rockstar.

For those of you engineers out there who are often complaining that there are no blogging engineers, it's time you go over and say hi to Ms. MSE. You can check out her pair of posts on engineering fellowships (Part 1, Part 2) or get some wedding advice from an engineer. Or maybe you just really want to know how to get capsaicin out of your eyes. Any way you cut it, you should check out this relatively new blog and keep an eye out for upcoming posts.

When Lab Rockstar is not falling in a river with a sparkley pink fishing rod or finding creative ways to give extra credit, or keeping HCl off her boobs, she describes herself as "Evolutionary Biology. Also a twenty-something divorcee who loves science. I mean, I really love it. I would even let science be the little spoon."

I have to admit that I was reading both blogs before they checked in last week. Both offer a good mix of science, humor and advice for their peers that warms my cold, cold heart. Pop on over and look for yourself.

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