How to waste a lot of time

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Step 1: Have a desire to start a new graduate course. You must be ready to sink a lot of time into this process from the very start. The process may look simple from the start, but you have no idea the tortuous path on which you are about to embark. This is page one of a Choose Your Own Adventure book.

Step 2: Look for forms and instructions on your university website.

Step 3: Unearth half a dozen overlapping and contradictory sets of instructions and as many forms, all as unfillable PDFs.

Step 4: Check with Chair of the Graduate Curriculum Committee and receive instructions on which from to use.

Step 5: Painstakingly fill out the form.

Step 6: Get Dept. Graduate Committee approval.

Step 7: Get Dept. approval.

Step 8: Get Dean's signature.

Step 9: Get the form back with signatures, but with no indication as to who to send it to.

Step 10: Receive conflicting instructions about where the form has to go, so make copies and bring it around campus.

Step 11: Get it to The Course Maker only to have them look at it and say "This is the wrong form. You need to use a different and far more intensive form for what you are trying to do."

Step 12: Ask how the fuck this was supposed to be clear to you based on conflicting "official" instructions and different advice from the Chair of the Graduate Curriculum Committee.

Step 13: Get told that you will be sent all of the right information, only to receive an apology email stating that the website was indeed a problem, but here is the form and you need to start back at step 5. And oh, BTW, you missed the deadline now because the new form was due last week and won't be considered until the fall.

Step 14: Remove bottle of Scotch from desk drawer....

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