Graphic Fridays: Your turn

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Pop quiz, hot shot:

Label both the X and Y axis and all 5 points. For a bonus, provide a title.

(Humorous responses only, please. It's Friday)

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  • JaneB says:

    x = time since beginning of semester
    y = intensity of desire to say something seriously impolitic to colleague/student
    1 = first student to ask a question already answered on the syllabus and in the lecture
    2 = first time colleague turns up 15 minutes late for class, finds all the students have left, and asks me to reschedule a session for them
    3 = colleague has been turning up on time, just the usual student issues (note similarity of slope to period 1-2)
    4 = first assessment date coincides with first departmental staff meeting
    5 = I take a mental health day

  • Bashir says:

    1. Vague Half-baked idea.
    2. General sketch of method
    3. Begin experimentation
    4. Peek at data (even though you're not supposed to)
    5. Actually look at full data set

    Y axis: Hope

  • NatC says:

    x = day of the week (1=monday...5=Friday)
    y = units of work completed
    Note spike in productivity on Thursday, the mechanism hypothesized to be panic about the looming end-of-the week

  • hematophage says:

    x = weeks of grant writing
    y = expectation of being funded

    5 = date of submission

  • Jen says:

    Title: The effects of deadlines on blog-reading time
    x-axis: time in days (from 0 to deadline)
    y-axis: ratio [hours spent reading blogs / hours spent working on paper]
    1. The draft of my paper isn't due to my PI until next week - let's see what PLS has to say...
    2. Hey, PLS has a link to Odyssey's Xtranormal video. LOL! Let's send it to all my friends!
    3. Wow, Physioprof sure knows how to cook - what other recipes does he have?
    4. Ooh, there's a juicy debate at Female Science Professor - I need to hone my arguments to counter the mansplainers...
    5. Wah? Oh $%*#, I needed to get this draft in this afternoon! Better get cracking...

  • Jon F says:

    1-5 = Monday-Friday, respectively

    Y-axis = likelihood of addressing "issues" from students.

  • x: First draft of a research paper as a grad student, section by section
    y: Level of excitation/enthusiasm

    1-Working on the abstract, tables and figures: that story will be interesting ! Can't wait to start writing the paper !
    2-After a lot of readings, now able to write a decent introduction...
    3- Methods and results sections were pretty easy to write, now it's time for the discussion!!!
    4-Discussion and conclusion: done ! Yay! I can now submit it to the supervisor!!! That paper will rock !!!
    5-Return of the unrecognizable first draft revised by the supervisor with a mention on the title page: "Good start"

  • I seem to hear my story.....

  • proflikesubstance says:

    I think every grad student just thought that...

  • brooksphd says:

    Bravo! genuine LOLz here

  • Postdoc says:

    x = Time after grad student joins a lab
    y = Productive output from said grad student

    1 - End of first year in the lab
    2- Qualifying exam
    3- First paper submission
    4 - Funding runs out, experiments must be completed, thesis must be submitted immediately
    5 - Sleeping for a week post-thesis submission

  • Anon says:

    Hahaha. This is so my life.

  • LadyLobo says:

    x = willingness to hit on someone
    y = number of whiskey shots taken

    nuff said.

  • Dr Becca says:

    x - hours I was in lab today
    y - # science-related things being done

    1-plan shit
    2-make solutions
    5-2pm, Yankees v. Red Sox

    projected trajectory likely inaccurate

  • Schlupp says:


  • antipodean says:

    x = weeks of paperwriting
    y = expectation of publication in journal-of-awesome-results

    4= day before reviews come back

  • Are you sure you didn't invert your axes? I'd think the drop off after 5 is from passing out.

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