Remembering an old love

I have a confessions to make. Over the last six months or so I've been reading only what I had to. Whether it was in support of manuscripts or proposals, every paper that crossed my desk recently did so out of obligation. It hasn't been fun, more like a forced march to ensure that we didn't get slammed by some reviewer for being woefully ignorant of their latest incredible work.

Due to some recent changes I have made at work, however, I find myself getting back into the literature again in a different way - because I'm interested. I've spent most of the morning jumping from paper to paper following certain story lines that I knew where out there but had not had the time to sit down and read. I miss this. I need this.

It gets very easy to sacrifice reading at the alter of the ~175052.6 other things that need to get done in a day and pare it back to just the necessities, but this way there be dragons. I'm actually spending the time today to think, to draw parallels between what my lab is doing and some of the recent work that has been spewing forth from related labs. I'm sure I'll miss some deadline or sacrifice some sleep for carving out this time for myself, but for a morning I'm having fun.

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  • Julia says:

    good for you! enjoy.

  • chall says:

    It's wonderful to get that time to do relaxed reading.... I hope you can keep doing it - since it makes you feel happy! 🙂

    As a side note, I tend not to read too much non-workrelated books when I'm slammed in the lab and at work. But those Saturday mornings when I don't have to go into lab and can have a slow breakfast and read.... price less (like they say in the commercial)

  • Dr. O says:

    Yay!! I'm getting ready to have a similar day myself this week. Looking forward to it...

  • anonymous says:

    That's awesome. I need to learn how to do this. I'm a postdoc, and I'm reading less and less because I'm more and more anxious about getting existing stuff published. I keep thinking I'm going to catch up when these papers are out, but that's maybe months away. I keep reminding myself that I won't be employed unless I get the papers out, though. I'd be curious what methods people use to stay on top of the literature. I have a reader for all my feeds, but I mostly skim titles and abstracts and let the actual articles pile up indefinitely. How many people have these cycles of no reading and lots of reading, and how many people make a point of reading two articles a day or half of every Friday or whatever?

  • Melissa's Bench says:

    I recall, not so long ago, a semi-famous visiting speaker telling us grad students and postdocs that we were SO LUCKY because we get unfettered time to READ and THINK. And that young'uns had a leg up sometimes because they had the time to draw parallels between diverse fields because old'uns didn't have the time. I did not understand what the speaker meant then. I do now.

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