Commuter Conversations

Apr 05 2011 Published by under [Life Trajectories]

Wee One: "Why are the cows all outside?"

Wife-like Substance: "They like being outside to roam and they can keep their milk cold."

WO: "Their milk? Why does it have to be cold?"

WLS: "Well, they have milk in their bodies and you like your milk cold, right?"

WO: "Yes. How does the milk come out?"

WLS: "Cows have udders that farmers squeeze to get the milk out."

WO: *thinking*

WLS: "The udders are underneath them in the back?"

WO: "Milk comes out of their bum?"

PLS: "No, near their bum, but lower."

WLS: "Underneath them."

WO: "Does milk come out of their knees?"

WLS: "No, I'll show you a picture when we get home."

WO: "Nose? Ears? Mommy, does milk come out of cows' EYES? Hahahahaha"

WLS: sigh.

PLS: sigh.

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