Apologies, but once again I'm out.

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One of the things that has fascinated me about joining a collective has been getting all the personalities together in one place and trying to accomplish a single goal. All the behind the scenes shenanigans may be invisible to readers, but they shape this place and where it is going. It's like being in a relationship with 30 other people, and you might have noticed that there are some strong personalities around these parts.

But another issue that comes up with such a large group is that we have to pay for this place. Unlike a solo blog that can be hosted by Blogger or WordPress, we have to pay for our hosting in order to keep the bandwidth we need to keep DrugMonkey from crashing this place with Hipster jokes (shootin fish in a barrel, man, fish in a barrel).

So, we have financial needs and a few options of how to deal with it. My preference would be reasonable ads, but there are those who have been at places that had ads that did not work out who have reservations about that approach. And so the feud began, and frankly, it's been a rough couple of weeks. In the end we voted and it was "decided" that a subscription was the way to go. I don't agree with this (I'm an open access kinda dude), but that's the way things went.

Based on this move to a subscription-based blogging community, I'm going to have to protest in the only way I can. I don't want me readers to have to pay to read my random blather (I mean, who would pay for this, really?) so I have accepted a standing invitation to move the blog to Occam's typewriter (incidentally, two words I'm going to have to learn to spell). Because of the way this has all gone down, I don't have a blog set up there yet, but everything should be moved over by the end of next week.

I'm sorry to make yet another move, but things here have just gotten too contentious and this new pay to read thing is the last straw (especially the way they want to implement it). I've always hated crust on my sandwiches anyway.

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