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Jan 11 2011 Published by under [Et Al]

Dear humble once-readers:

I miss my blog. It died a serious death a few weeks back--a flaming death. A flaming death wrought by possibly a little too much wine and a definite step in the wrong place.

Ok. We need to stop a minute. I just had a transformative experience. I googled flaming pile of dog shit. Have you perchance googled such a search term? Now how would you feel if your picture was indexed under 'flaming pile of dog shit' on the google? Does the crime fit the punishment?

Hilarious. In any case, things are garbled, my friends--I'm afraid a bit too garbled to throw ye olde blog back up without some serious doctoring. So what happened? Why have I been MIA* for so long? My blog died, a grant was coming due, and like the good PLS I dug myself into said grant and unfortunately did not enjoy one minute of my holiday break (which I should mention was the first with Spawn2?). Note to self: start earlier next time. Or gain sudden brilliance, or perhaps stop writing slow. I don't know that there are better ways to do this, or just simply suffer through the slog of it.

I'ma gonna have to figure it out folks, because word from the higher ups in admin is that they expect us to triple our current submission rate. I'm not telling you the base number in the chance that you might start to suspect that I'm a bad asse. The economy and all.

The grant is in, the good PLS offered me the chance to drop a line and explain my sudden blog death, and here it is. I don't know that I'll open back up any time soon. To tell you the truth, I'm not in a blog-contemplative mood right now: I am sad for the people in Arizona. That is the very truth of what is on my mind right now. The acts of evil and all that. I'm still soaking it all in and trying to wade through the absolute senselessness of it; like Columbine and other acts of gun violence. Guns. Suck.

So I completely miss the blog community. I hope you are well.


*I am completely enthralled with MIA. Is she like, a pissed off Lady Gaga or something? Political yet still willing to shake it for attention? Herm. Discuss.

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