On the 12th month of Spandrel Shop, my blogger gave to me, a mindless sum-ar-yyyyy

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Tis that time of year again. No, not the holidays. The 12 months of [insert your blog] meme. DM was the first to get it rolling, so let's play. I'm posting the first two lines of each post, mostly because I often start with a short sentence. Click the month names for the link.

Jan - I guess this is the post where I admit to being a little naive when I first stated this job. See, I didn’t do my PhD or a postdoc in the US, so applying to US funding agencies wasn’t something I had a chance to get involved in during my training.

Feb - Yesterday I was going through old folders on my computer and pretending to organize things when I found something I couldn’t place. I organize my “papers” folder by each manuscript and there was a subfolder that I couldn’t match with anything I had published.

Smarch - It’s been a long time since I had to take a test for a class, but I’m kinda reliving that experience today watching my students hover over the sheets of paper I have prepared for them this morning. I don’t think the test is hard, but we’ll see how they do.

April - Well, I think it’s time to make the official announcement on the blog. After all of the discussions how good postdoc life is and how teaching is sucking the life out of me I have decided to bail on this job and take a postdoc position in another country that I’ve always wanted to live in.

May - When I got my mail on Friday there was a letter from our research office. I had submitted a proposal for a small internal competition a while back to cover a grad student summer salary and a trip this summer and seeing the letter I knew that the decision was contained within.

June - Busy week, my friends. This week kicks off the summer travel schedule for me, which is going to be taking me out of town a lot.

July - I’ve done a decent amount of traveling in my life – certainly less than many, but I’ve hit some odd places. One thing it is easy to take for granted is the different styles and ways society has come up with to drop a deuce.

Aug - Wow, so here we are. As you might imagine this little venture was in the works for a little while and special thanks really needs to be extended to Mark Chu-Carroll and Scicurious for making this all happen.

Sept - PiT has an excellent post up about the manuscript review process, which I thought might be worth following up with a post on grants. See, when I first sent proposals in I pictured a process during which my 15 pages of text was carefully read, considered over some time and probably looked over a second time for clarification and summation of key points. Hahahahahahhaahaha.

Oct - Having filled our previously advertised job in Seminar Napping, Employment University has a new position available immediately, entitled, Journal Club Killa.

Nov - One week remains in the Donors Choose campaign. That’s all.

Dec - This morning I was browsing through my favorite blogs and happen over the Cackle of Rad for a music post in which the delightful CoR assaults us with the band Pylon, who have apparently dragged up the ghost of the Cobain era Courtney Love to be their lead singer.

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  • Hermitage says:

    Until I read your clarification I was totally ready to be all like 'you write some long-ass sentences bro'. I still want that job in seminar napping, I snore like a pro!

  • proflikesubstance says:

    Unfortunately, the job was rescinded due to lack of funds and ample internal candidates.

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