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Tomorrow is the final day for the Science Blogger Challenge at Donors Choose and I'm proud to say that the PLS giving page has so far generated $1023 for school children all over the country. I thought I would take the opportunity to post some of the thank you notes from projects you have helped fund. Remember that there is still one day left to finish off the two final projects I added to the page, Project Pre-K Success II and Little Kinder Hands in Need of Math Materials (though 2 more seem to be there as well, but they are good projects too!)

From Ms. W, of Thematic Learning Centers

I have a bunch of eager Kindergarteners who are looking forward to learning about and using the new centers.

The Thematic centers will be very helpful in teaching my students about a broad range of topics, that these children have little or no knowledge about. The centers will provided fun, exciting, and educational experiences for each and everyone of my students. Ultimately these centers will help me prepare all of my Kindergarteners for 1st grade. Once again thank you so very much for you generous donation.

With gratitude,
Ms. W.

From Mrs. M, of Going Green:Hands-On Science In Our Greenhouse

Thank you so much for funding my greenhouse project. All of the students in our elementary school, grades Kindergarten through fifth grade, will now have an opportunity to nurture a plant and chart its growth as they learn by doing. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. I can't wait to see our greenhouse brimming with life and to share pictures and progress reports with you.

We have asked a horticulturist to visit our campus to enrich this experience for our students. You have given us a unique opportunity, and we will make the most of your generosity.

With gratitude,
Mrs. M.

From Mr. B, of Easels, Markers, and Dry Erase Boards for College

I can't fully express my joy, excitement, and thanks for your donation to my project. It is great to see that you share my vision for reaching children. In math it is so vital that students receive individualized help as needed and your donation is going to make that happen more effectively in my classroom.

Your donation, no matter what size, is going to directly impact some of my most needy students. I thank you for helping out my classroom, but more importantly, my students also thank you for giving them more access to opportunities which a great math education will give them.

With gratitude,
Mr. B.

Thank you all for helping these classrooms and giving to these children. One day left!

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