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Nov 02 2010 Published by under [Education&Careers]

One week remains in the Donors Choose campaign. That's all. A week to help kids throughout the country get involved in science. This is the week to get involved if you have been putting it off. The final push.

So far, dear readers, you have done very well. We've had 12 donors give a total of $864, which has been enough to reach 753 students. That's a lot of kids that would not otherwise be experiencing science education with the new tools provided by you and Donors Choose. That's impressive.

But here is my goal for the final week. I have reduced the number of projects on my donation page to 4 and I want to see all of them funded.

Project Pre-K Success II needs only $151 to bring supplies for early math education to special ed Pre-K students.

Going Green:Hands-On Science In Our Greenhouse needs $112 to introduce elementary students to plant biology via growing seeds.

Little Kinder Hands in Need of Math Materials is $314 away from bringing supplies for math education into an early elementary school curriculum.

Inquiry-Based Field Biology: A Biological Survey Experience is looking for $408 to get equipment to take high school students into the field for hands-on learning.

Every one of these projects will help schools in high poverty areas and all but the final project will affect very young students, who are vitally important to improving interest in math and science.

One week left. Do your thing, even if you only have $5 to give.

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