Time flies

Oct 26 2010 Published by under [Et Al]

I'm late by a couple of days, just like everything else right now, but Oct 23rd marked two years and almost 450 posts since I started writing this blog. What a two year stint it has been. It seems like forever ago and just yesterday that I was in my old office in a crumbling building, trying to order everything I needed to start doing the work I was hired to do. Two years later, the lab is rolling along in a new building and things look very different now than they did then. I almost feel, after two years, like I know what the hell I am doing... almost.

We've also bought a house and watched a helpless infant grow into a energetic little girl who has more opinions than a room full of politicians (or scientists). We've made friends with neighbors and done home improvements. We even own a lawn mower.

All along I've tried to use this space to give and ask for advice, sometimes more successfully than others. I appreciate those of you who have followed along, whether you've been reading for a while or picked it up just recently. Writing the blog has been an unexpectedly fulfilling experience for me, and I owe that to the readership.


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