Magnifying Science

Yesterday one of the projects on the PLS Donors Choose project page, Magnifying Science, was fully funded, mostly by science blog readers, including Jenny from California, who got there through this site. I just wanted to post the letter that the teacher wrote in response to the purchase of microscopes for her 5th grade class. Thanks to Jenny and the other donors who made this happen and thanks to the donors who have given to this cause so far. There's still time to give and make another teacher and another classroom as happy as Mrs. S.

I am astounded by the generosity and support that has been showered upon my classroom. When I first drafted this project over the summer I figured it was a long shot, but decided to shoot for the stars! You all have made this dream a reality. I just got off the phone with a colleague of mine and we were literally shrieking with excitement!
These microscopes are going into the hands of some phenomenal 5th graders! I can't wait to tell them tomorrow that we are going to get our microscopes! This gift will affect my two classes this year, the other teachers on my team, as well as students for years to come. Thank you!

I've held off on our Life Science unit with the hopes that I could plan lessons with our new microscopes, and now I can!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. You have given me the tools to be a better teacher to these children. I promise that I will give them every opportunity I can. THANK YOU!!

With gratitude,
Mrs. S.

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